look at sue’s fucking face she’s just so resigned to her fate oh my god

y’all should come send me some asks cause i’m bored and sad


i bet if police dogs knew the police were racist they would quit

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i wonder what amy would have done if simon had told her what he was supposed to do to kieren

simon actively went looking for amy before heading to the walker house, apparently because he wanted to be talked out of it. amy would of slapped him upside the head and talked to sense into him, and he knew that. but she wasn’t in, so on he went.

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sticking with dragons, i’m still overrun with dragons for sale. some of these are my old breeding pairs, some are babies. go check them all out! they’re all cheapy~ oh and that random tundra is gen1,

does anyone else have that one song that when it begins to play t’s like a punch in the chest and you sorta have to sit for a second like ‘well shit’

i realised i didn’t actually have my own hound oc i’d only ever drawn pre-existing ocs as them, so this is croen, he’s a naked hound. like a sphynx cat. 


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(this is intheflesh-art) So a follower sent me this message; you state on your blog that you're british, maybe this is of interest to you? :) Have a nice day! ORIGINAL MESSAGE: "Hey!! So I have a ticket to Wales Comic Con with photo ops with Luke Newberry and Emmett Scanlan and I can no longer go, can you ask around and see if anyone wants to go? Also a room-share in a local travelodge :)"


i’ve personally got my own tickets sorted, but will post! anyone interested go and contact intheflesh-art :) 

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excuse u im fucking adorable

six asks steve i nearly had a fucking panic attack

my boyfriend is a nerd


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Are these scars on your arms? If they are, stay strong, my friend!


hah they are yeah i’m covered in them 

"Realises I’ve got to get up tomorrow"-selfie